Two Roosters Blue Ribbon Roast DECAF – 12 oz


This is the decaf version of our flagship coffee, the Two Roosters Blue Ribbon Roast. This coffee is made with single-origin beans from Mexico’s Huatusco region. The method of decaffeination is swiss water process.

The beans are roasted to 450 degrees Fahrenheit using our fluid-bed roaster, which beautifully brings out the flavors and oils of this wonderful bean. Theoretically 450F qualifies as a dark roast but don’t let it throw you off: this coffee is smooth like butter! The beans have a beautiful shine and the “wetness” you may see on the beans is actually oil from the coffee bean the roasting has drawn out.

Our coffees are roasted to order, so you’ll always get the freshest coffee possible.

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Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.75 × 8 in

Full City (450F)


Swiss water method

Cupping Notes

Nose is earthy, nutty; sweet/tart. Nutty, pleasant acidity, round body.

What it means

The coffee is low-acidity, easy to drink and delicious.