Our coffee

Two Roosters Coffee:

High-quality beans roasted in small batches and sold at an affordable price

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Two Roosters coffees are roasted by hand in small batches using a fluid-bed roaster. We use only high-quality beans sourced from one of the premier wholesale coffee companies in the U.S. to ensure consistent and high quality. We only use organic, single-origin beans for our coffees.

The guiding principles behind Two Roosters Coffee

Our goal is simple: We want our coffee to be your go-to coffee – something you’ll want to drink every day.

We think we can reach our goal by offering you fresh, consistent, high-quality coffee at a reasonable price.

While there are many amazingly great craft coffee companies out there, their products are often very expensive. We feel that it defeats the purpose if you don’t want to drink the good coffee because it’s too expensive. Therefore our goal is that you’ll want to (and can afford to) drink Two Roosters coffee every day.

Freshness is the key to good coffee

Remember the smell of fresh coffee when you pull the seal off of a new canister of ground coffee? We want to bring you that sensation every day. Experts say that ground coffee starts losing its freshness within 30 minutes of being ground. You probably have experienced it firsthand when the last bit of coffee in a big canister has begun to smell (and taste) stale.

That is why we prefer selling our coffee as whole beans and having you grind the beans right before making the coffee. This allows you to experience the “fresh coffee smell” every time you make coffee! Not to mention that your brewed coffee will taste that much better – every time. Don’t have a grinder yet? It’s ok, please read our article on recommended coffee grinders to learn more.

Tips to great coffee

Many baristas and craft coffee companies want you to think that making great coffee is a very difficult process and not something normal folks can learn. This is NOT what we believe in. Here’s the thing: You don’t need special skills or an expensive and complicated coffee maker to enjoy good coffee! A normal coffee maker is works fine, but the more often you clean it, the better your coffee will taste.

As mentioned above, we recommend that you grind the coffee beans right before making the coffee – and grind only the amount of coffee you’ll need. Using the freshest water possible will make your coffee even better.

We’re passionate about our coffee and our goal to bring it to you fresh.